Hello ✌️, I'm Ishaan.

I'm a designer and video editor based in New Delhi, India. I also like to learn front-end development in my spare time. Here, you can find some of my past works, and ways to contact me.




Arena | Online Chess Platform Concept

UI/UX Design, Branding, Interaction Design, Motion Design.

I challenged myself to design a product that revolutionizes the game of chess. Arena is a platform for playing and streaming chess games, introducing a number of exclusive board designs known as "Arenas", putting a strong emphasis on different chess variants and forming new ways of playing chess.

Fire Away!

Fire Away! | Game Design

UI/UX Design, Game Design, Graphic Design.

Fire Away! is a 2D mobile action game available on the Google Play Store. The player's objective is to destroy unlimited hordes of enemy droids at sea. The catch is that you can only move with the recoil from your gun. I designed the graphics, icons, and the UI for the game.


Pac-Man 2020 Concept Promo Video

Motion Design, Animation, Illustration, UI Design.

I made this video for a motion design event where I was tasked to redesign the classic Pac-Man game and create a promo video for the same. Madhav Bhatia made the music.


Juncture Café | Brand Design and Promo Video

Branding, Graphic Design, Packaging Design, Motion Design.

Juncture Cafe is a concept for a modern coffeehouse I worked on as a personal project in June 2020. This was my first time experimenting with packaging design. I also designed some social media ads and created an animated promotional video.


Sunaayy Foundation Documentary

Film Direction, Editing, Cinematography.

Sunaayy Foundation is a non-profit organization providing education and care to underprivileged children on the sidewalks of Delhi. Leading a team of two people, I shot, directed and edited a promotional documentary film showcasing the organization's work.

Lyric Video

Prølific - Lies. (Official Lyric Video)

Motion Design, Animation, Editing

Animated lyric video I created as a freelance project for an independent band. I also designed the 2D graphics in the video.


soBig.r | Tech Event Banner and Illustrations

Graphic Design, Illustration.

A social media banner and flat illustrations I created to promote my school's tech symposium, Code Wars 2020 (also known as soBig.r).


Sabre Printers Redesign

UI/UX Design, Branding, Graphic Design, Motion Design.

At a design competition, I was tasked with rebranding the fictional company, Sabre Printers (seen in The Office) and designing the interface for an application on the "Sabre Pyramid", which is a fictional device with a triangular screen. The biggest challenge was designing a usable user interface for a highly unconventional screen.


My Chemical Romance - Rebirth | Album Design Concept

UI/UX Design, Branding, Illustration, Graphic Design.

Rebirth is a hypothetical My Chemical Romance album that my team designed as part of a designathon event. We designed album covers, made up fake names for songs, and created artwork for the same. We also designed a mobile app, and a website to promote the album. I was the lead designer on the project.


Rozgar | Marketplace With A Soul

UI/UX Design, Branding, Interaction Design, Motion Design.

Rozgar is the concept for an E-Commerce product I designed in August 2020. Rozgar provides a three-way solution to simplify e-commerce and make it accessible to everyone with the Rozgar Seller, Consumer, and Delivery apps. These three applications work in harmony to create opportunities for merchants and local businesses to take their ventures online.


Poster Design Experiments

Graphic Design, Typography, Illustration.

I designed several posters to improve my visual design, typography, and digital illustration skills, experimenting with different styles. I tried to convey a different mood or message with each poster in this project. I used both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to design the posters.


fwd: | Short Film

Film Direction, Editing, Cinematography.

A simple short horror film about a man who recieves a strange e-mail while working late at night. I worked on this film as a personal project. I wrote, shot, directed and edited the film and my cast and crew consisted of four people.

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